DJ Redem – Are you okay (Tiktok Remix)

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DJ Redem – Are you okay (Tiktok Remix) Mp3 Download AUDIO | MP4, Lyrics & Skull 320kbps + [Instrumental] Music On 9jaBam

Talented Nederlanders singer & songwriter Joey van Ingen Professional Known as DJ Redem Recently dropped a new song titled Are you okay (Tiktok Remix) you will also get the Mp4 and lyrics here. DJ Redem – Are you okay (Tiktok Remix)

As we all know that we can meditate through music and music also gives us joy thats why the talented Nederlanders singer & songwriter DJ Redem come through with this amazing song which is called Are you okay (Tiktok Remix) so that you can be happy again.

About Are you okay

Artists: DJ Redem

Album: “Are You Ok You Can Plab Plab”

Song: Are you okay

Released: 2021

Genre: Tiktok Remix

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DJ Redem – Are you okay (Tiktok Remix) Lyrics

Charlie, spoken]
Right… Husk!
First things first, welcome to the Happy Hotel!
We are so glad to have you here!
I just wanted to ask you a few questions so we can set you on the proper path to redemption!

[Husk, spoken]
Sure. Whatever

[Charlie, spoken]
So… What brought you to us?

[Husk, spoken]

[Charlie, spoken]
Well, yes, but… What made you want to reverse your judgement?

[Husk, spoken]
I don’t

[Charlie, spoken]
Okay, well… maybe we should start at the beginning? Like…
…how you ended up in hell in the first place?

[Husk, spoken]
You really wanna know?

[Charlie, spoken]
Of course!
That way we can work out the best treatment plan for your specific situation!

[Husk, spoken]
Heh… “Situation”, huh?
Better you hear this from me than someone like Al

I was once a wandering man ’cause I never felt at home
Now I’m just a gamblin’ man
Risking everything I own
The only spirit left in me’s from a bottle off the shelf
And all it means is that
I can’t see a goddamn way to save my soul or self

There’s a hole in me
And it’s exposed for the world to see
It’s what he knows so I did what he pleased
But I can’t be fucked to lose my patience
So I just stay drunk and complacent

I’m a wicked old soul
Nowhere left to go
At the beck and call of the man on the radio
Raise a glass for the empty-hearted
Too far gone to know when it started
A shark of the cards never shows his hand
And the same’s still true when you have these claws and fangs
So don’t think you can bring my walls down
I drank my fill and in that I’m sure to… drown

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