Rakz – This Life

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Rakz – This Life Mp3 audio & Mp4 Video Free Download

A talented singer and song writer Rakz  Recently dropped a new song titled This Life you will also get the Mp4 and lyrics here

As we all know that we can meditate through music and music also gives us joy thats why Rakz  come through with this amazing song which is called This Life so that you can be happy again.

About This Life

Artists: Rakz

Album: “=”

Song: This Life

Released: 2022

Genre:  Rock,Pop,Art Pop,UK

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Rakz – This Life Lyrics

Fresh home, man made it out of the can
Free YP, free Ganzy
Yo, yo

I got recalled for no reason
That’s the reason that I hate probation (Prrah)
Pissed, I was back on the wing
But I treat that like a holiday vacation (No lie)
No hesitation when I see a pagan
Jump out, swinging this blade like it’s Jason (Woosh, woosh)
They don’t care about Black Lives Matter
‘Cah black don’t matter to this racist nation (Don’t care)
I shot Buj’ like Banton
I got white like a great Caucasian (That’s white)
My new ting’s Chinese and Jamaican
Had to get rid of my crazy Asian (Go sweet)
I swear my man’s an opp, I hope I ain’t mistaken (I hope I ain’t)
‘Cah if he gets touched, that’s jail man facin’
Back in the cell, man’s vapin’ (Oh lord)
My new shorty, she’s the cutest, prettiest
What around town is I’m Luton’s littiest (Woo)
Free YP, man used to be the drilliest
Mask on my face, man, I’m too mysterious (Too mysterious)
Why are you so serious? (Like why)
Like, bro, don’t act silly
Only fucked your bitch ‘cah she does what I say, just like Siri
When I’m in Brighton, man, I’m chilling with Milly (Woo)
When I’m in London, I give Lily my willy (Woo, woo)
I’m up in OT with my nigga, my killy
I fuck with the **** ‘cah it gets really drilly (Drilly, man)
I am like “Really, really?” (Really, really)
Like why did they tell? (Why)
‘Cah them niggas silly
I’ve been stuck in a holded cell (Fuck that)
I’ve had numerous setbacks, numerous HMPs, man slept that
I’ve been on the roads, had nowhere to rest at
Nobody helped, no way haffa get that (No way haffa get that)
I’m like “Check that” (Check that)
Gettin’ everyday, man’s taking these risks
He’s talking my name, is he taking the piss?
I gotta beat that yute until I spill my Riz’
I don’t dab, I stab (Stab)
I don’t Milly Rock man, I chop
So when I get mad, I swing out my locks
I back my shank when shit gets on tops (Serious)
And then rap, I’m far from a rookie (Far from)
She don’t like no chocolate
But she fucks with the caramel cookies
So come to my yard and gimme that nookie
(Go get some of the sweet caramel, B)

Part 2

Ayo, Trinz
Brought my rap right now, some real shit
Make sure you take this one in

This is how it’s meant to be
He’s a gangster, now, that’s somethin’ he pretends to be (He’s a capper)
I seem them niggas tryna act like they were friends with me
But I was in jail, but hadn’t though
You never sent me P
I’m from the roads, a couple of bros are in the cemetery
I’m on the roads, I’m sellin’ hoes or sippin’ Hennessy
But now, I’m working on myself becah’ these kids damaged
I planned a future with the girl, I was trying to live lavish
Until she started tellin’ lies about some miscarriage
Had me thinking to myself “Maybe, my kid vanished”
But I ain’t tryna think about it, that’s a big madness
And I ain’t tryna trust a girl, come off these bitch badders
And that’s reality
It wasn’t meant to be, so maybe, it just had to be (Real)
I left home at 15, it was a tragedy (Real)
But deep down, I paid my heart, I miss my family
I wouldn’t even blame them for a second if they’re mad at me (I wouldn’t)
I want a normal life, but caught up in the maddest life (Maddest)
I lost my life at 17, I came back to life
I’ll take a bullet for my people, that’s a sacrifice
But you’re too selfish as a person to have that in mind (Shit)
She left my heart broken, I put my life into a girl
She left my heart open
But I forgive her for that shit ’cause of what Jah’s spoken (Jah)
Told me put my bad force into a dark ocean
And keep it movin’, call my brother “You’re a star chosen” (You’re a star)
All this stress had me thinkin’ “Should I start smoking?”
But I’ma be the better man, and have to start coping
I was a warm-hearted nigga
Now, my heart’s frozen
And that’s how life’s going
I see people wasting time, but look how time’s flowing (Time’s wastin’)
Spare time, I write rhymes, or I write poems
To express myself, I suffer mental health
You think you’ll put me in a cell, that’s gonna get me help?
But I already feel as if a nigga’s dead in Hell (Dead)
And there’s a lot of things in life that I regret as well (I regret)
(But I already feel as if a nigga’s dead in Hell
And there’s a lot of things in life that I regret as well)

Free the guys, man, free YP
Free Ganzy, you get me
You know the ting already, man
Shout out side management, RTL Management
You feel me

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