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A talented American rapper Bill Kahan Kapri Professional Known as Kodak Black Recently dropped a new song on August 19, 2022 titled I’m Off That you will also get the Mp4 and lyrics here.

As we all know that we can meditate through music and music also gives us joy that’s why the talented American rapper Kodak Black come through with this amazing song which is called I’m Off That so that you can be happy again.

About I’m Off That By Kodak Black

Artist: Kodak Black
Album: Closure
Released: 2021

About Kodak Black the artist

Bill Kahan Kapri (born Dieuson Octave; June 11, 1997), better known by his stage name Kodak Black, is an American rapper. He gained initial recognition with his single “No Flockin”, released in 2014. His debut album, Painting Pictures (2017), peaked at number three on the US Billboard 200 and included the Billboard Hot 100 top 10 single “Tunnel Vision”. Black’s second album, Dying to Live (2018), peaked at number one on the Billboard 200 and was supported by the single “Zeze” (featuring Travis Scott and Offset), which peaked at number 2 on the Hot 100.

Kodak Black’s career has been marked by periods of mainstream success, as well as public controversies and legal issues. His legal troubles began in middle school and spiked significantly throughout the late 2010s. In 2019, Black was arrested for weapons possession and was sentenced to almost four years in federal prison; his sentence was commuted by President Donald Trump in 2021. While incarcerated, he released his third studio album, Bill Israel (2020). His fourth studio album, Back for Everything followed in 2022, and contains the hit single “Super Gremlin” as a bonus track.

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Kodak Black – I’m Off That full lyrics

Yeah ’cause after this ‘lil EP, I ain’t mentioning the fuck nigga, you heard?

You can’t say I don’t love you bae, I just cheat a lot
Nigga, come give me a hug, fuck what beefin’ ’bout
‘Cause if you let it sit too long, then the relation rot
But I’ll accept the apology that I never got
All this time you was tweetin’ I ain’t said nothin’
The only reason that hurt me ’cause you meant something
But you don’t care about the label, the brand we put on our back
‘Cause if you did, you wouldn’t have never let it get like that
You’d nevеr let it get this far ’cause you know I lovе to take it far
Last time you came around the way, they sent some shells through your car
You’d rather die, then to apologize?
Put your pride to the side, send my damn money
After all I did, you feel like you ain’t gotta give me nothin’?
Nigga feel like he don’t owe me nothin’?
I was hollerin’ at the fam, they was tellin’ me your plans
If I don’t wanna be your friend, you just gon’ argue on the ‘Gram
And right after Wiz died, you went to linkin’ up with Wam and postin’ police shit like I did it
I don’t know why sometimes, it look like the people believe you
To the point, it have me second-guessing, like am I trippin’?
If I agree with you, we’ll both be wrong
You want me to stay behind, while you movin’ on
Sittin’ in prison nigga, I couldn’t even call your phone
You was in your feelings, when you heard that I was comin’ home
You told Pooh, Trump shoulda never let me out ’cause I ain’t even have that long
And you made a post sayin’, they should send me back, talkin’ ’bout a nigga a clone
Even my enemies, I never wanna see ’em roped
I don’t wish prison on a nigga, I just bring smoke
You told Pooh, if I was still in prison, shit’ll be different, shit’ll be litter, like a ‘lil bitch ass nigga
Nigga, I’m the one put niggas in them shit bags, nigga
Nigga, I’m the one, got niggas scared of the set
Ol’ poor ass nigga, you can have that petty ass check
How you file a lawsuit on me, bitch you owe me?

This shit wild, there wasn’t nothin’ like this in the Pen at all
But I was so deep down, betrayal was in your heart
Y’know, fallin’ back from the ‘Gram and things
Y’know ’cause sometimes I feel like I gotta respond to everything
I try to explain, but I sound stupid
I ain’t good with my words, so I talk through music
Y’know, I recovered and I remembered that I still ain’t forgive or forget
And I realized my happiness depend on me, closure

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