Airtel free data 2022 enjoy 3GB Data

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Hey guys, hope all are very happy. Another Airtel free data plan is available. In this article, I will be showing step by step on how to enjoy Airtel free data 2021.

The cheat or trick is free, no data is required. You get to enjoy free 3GB days valid for 6 days. The free data doesn’t require the use of VPN.

You can use this data any time of the day, both day and night. This data trick is not sim selective, it works on all Airtel Sim cards. But the bad news is that it can be activated once on each Sim card.

How To Activate Airtel Free Data 2021

Below is step by step guide to enjoy 3GB free data on your Airtel sim card.

.First, download My Airtel TV app, download from play store

.Install and launch the app, click on registration or sign up.

.Enter your phone number, make sure that’s correct.

.A code will be sent to you, an OTP code. The app will verify you automatically, if the sim card is inserted in your phone.

.Now you will be redirected to the homepage.

.Now, clam down and wait for some hours to receive your Airtel free data 2021.

.You will be credited with 3GB free data.

.You can check your data balance dial *140#. The given data is valid for 6 days.

Hope the Airtel free data 2021 worked for you. If so share with your friends and family. Send me testimony on comment section below. I will be glad to see it.

Ways And How To Activate 10GB Free On Airtel

Am sure you must now be very anxious to get you own share of the Airtel free internet data cheat. Well now is the time to start flexing and browsing the internet free of charge with the recent Airtel 10Gb free  data.

Now am sure you must be asking yourself how to get free 10gb data on Airtel. I have a good news for you from Airtel as this free data cheat code is an official free data code from Airtel so it means no blocking.

Yes i mean it, Airtel is back with full force rewarding every Airtel users with 10Gb Free internet data valid for 10 days. The best part of it is that every 3G Airtel sim card user is eligible for the Airtel free 10Gb data.

Now that you know you are eligible, lets see how you too  can activate your free 10Gb Airtel data. To start enjoying your free data please follow the steps below to get started.

Congratulations if you have completed the steps then you should have received your 10Gb Airtel free data. You can see that this method of getting Airtel free data does not require you dialing any Airtel free data code.

Remember that this 10Gb Airtel free data code is only available for Airtel 3G sim cards. If you have already upgraded your 3G Airtel sim card and you have exhausted your 10Gb free data then you cannot enjoy the 10Gb again as it is a one time thing.

Note if you have Exhausted you 10Gb free data then check out the next Airtel Free data code cheat to continue browsing the internet free.

If you have exhausted you first free 10Gb Airtel free internet data then i will suggest you to try the next cheat. The Next Airtel free internet data code cheat will be for those have already exhausted there 10Gb.

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