Zay Loco – Classic Trap Ft. JuiceTheKidd

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Zay Loco – Classic Trap Ft. JuiceTheKidd Mp3 Download AUDIO | MP4, Lyrics & Skull 320kbps + [Instrumental] Music On 9jaBam

Talented American singer & songwriter Zay Loco Recently dropped a new song titled Classic Trap you will also get the Mp4 and lyrics here. Zay Loco – Classic Trap Ft. JuiceTheKidd

Feauturing the Multi talented American rapper, singer & songwriter better known by her stage name JuiceTheKidd

As we all know that we can meditate through music and music also gives us joy thats why the talented American singer & songwriter Zay Loco come through with this amazing song which is called Classic Trap so that you can be happy again.

About Classic Trap

Artists: Zay Loco

Featured Artists: JuiceTheKidd

Album: “=”

Song: Classic Trap

Released: 2015

Genre: Uk,Uk Rap,Trap,Drill,Uk Drill

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Zay Loco – Classic Trap Ft. JuiceTheKidd lyrics

[Intro: Zay Loco]

[Verse 1: Zay Loco]
I like new shit and old shit
This beat make me so sick
Codeine is so thick, I’m leanin’ like “oh shit”
Money, can’t fold it and pockets can’t hold it
Smokin’ on dope man, this shit is so potent
Stank like a rodent and fatties I roll it
Getting so high, can’t remember the moment
Rap ‘cause I do this, these niggas be foolish
I got so much talent, we gon’ make it to it
Aye, aye, aye, aye, aye, aye, aye, aye
These niggas is average, make money like magic
I spit all these flames, I will burn you like matches
My niggas they savage, they all keep a ratchet
We don’t duck no action, so link and its crackin’
I swear you could have it, my team we bring havoc
I hit you like cashiers, he flick like a mattress
These niggas so sheep, they be softer than fabric
Lil Juice, he up next, he freestylin’, he wildin’
Aye, aye, aye, aye, aye, aye, aye, aye

[Interlude: Juice WRLD]
Hey Zay bro
We finna kill these niggas, man
They ain’t shit bro, for real
Imma show these motherfuckers what’s up

[Verse 2: Juice WRLD]
Whole time, I was on some different shit
Niggas talking dumb until I pull up where his house is
Run up in that bitch and now he quiet like a mouse is
Prolly run up in your house and fuck your fucking spouse quick
Then I hit the car, boy
Whole time, I’m rolling off the bars in the car, boy
Spitting bars, off the bars, I can make it far, boy
I’ll be on Mars, yeah, pourin’ in the car, boy
Curry, that’s a .30 on my hip, don’t get scarred, boy
Aye, I play the game but I don’t play games
These niggas lame, run up on me bitch I bet I change frames
Get it? My Glock got a picture, my mouth got a swisher
You run up, or you fake like illusions
Ain’t nothing else to it
I’ve been getting money since day one
My brother locked up, won’t let him out like Akon
The whole time I’m 18, bitch I’m like ‘ay dog’
These niggas want that snake sauce, turn ‘em to Nate Dogg
Now who the fuck these niggas think they is though?
I’m handlin’ my biz, smokin’ this reefer like Khalifa
I’m not a Wiz, ho
You run up on me, yeah I got the Glock out the window
Nerdy brain from your bitch, ain’t talkin’ about Winslow
Woah, now let me go ahead and spit it
I’m Stevie Wonder with this shit
You niggas can’t see visions
I’m in the cut, motherfucker ain’t talking scissors
Bitches like O.Z, and I ain’t talkin’ about wizard

Go figure.

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