‘Should I have punched him or what?’: Patrick Mahomes’ wife Brittany Mathews was slammed for this derogatory Tweet against Amazon’s delivery man

Brittany Mahomes Jokes That Her Family of Four Is 'Living in Sterling's World'

Brittany Matthews is not like other NFL wives or girlfriends who support their counterpart but stay out of the news. It seems like she is always a talking point for social media to show Patrick Mahomes she has his back.

Brittany Mahomes has been quite a presence in the social media world since Patrick Mahomes’ emergence to a superstar quarterback. Some call her an ardent supporter of her lover but others see it as plain annoying.

Brittany has made the media multiple times for her antics, even during the games. Brittany and Patrick’s brother, Jackson Mahomes are both seen as an annoyance to most of the social media world. With Brittany’s antics and Jackson’s TikToks, there is no love lost for the Mahomes’ family.

Back in October of 2020, the Las Vegas Raiders travelled to Kansas City, looking for their first win at Arrowhead stadium in over 8 years. They engaged in a high scoring, heavy hitting battle with Derek Carr and Patrick Mahomes taking the spotlight.

Eventually, Carr helped the Raiders to beat the Chiefs to the score of 40-32. This was a rare victory for the Raiders as Mahomes has an impeccable record within the division.

Support for the Chiefs or being a toxic fan? Patrick Mahomes gets caught in a weird place
During the October 2020 game, Brittany tweeted this aggressive tweet from her house.



This tweet was not so well received by the Twitter world and especially NFL fans. Very few thought that Brittany was making a light hearted joke and gave it no further thought.

Most NFL fans regarded the tweet as Brittany being salty that the Chiefs lost to the Raiders. A division rival getting the best of your team never sits well with NFL fans. Brittany got trolled for her tweet by users that were mocking the Chiefs and Patrick as well.

On a serious note, some NFL fans are known to be toxic to other fanbases. They engage in physical altercations and can’t resist others cheering for other teams. Let us hope Brittany isn’t a toxic NFL fan for the future.

Patrick Mahomes sometimes get caught in a weird place between his wife and NFL media. Matthews’ actions have sometim

es made it hard to support the Chiefs quarterback.


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